Maheekats belong to self-prescribed genre “haunting dream pop”. The group’s sound is characterized by its surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy post–punk, psychedelic and progressive influences and use of sonic experimentation. Craig Camp plays drums and bass, Clara Efrona plays guitar and sings. Maheekats write all the songs, record, engineer, produce, publish and promote everything independently.

love letter

this video is my love letter to the maheekats, bassist casey and guitarist/vocalist clara... playing heartbreakingly beautiful sets all over town. maheekats make lovely shoegazer/dreampop songs, and they remind me of bands like the cocteau twins and the pale saints. they recently recorded this song, and when i asked them if i could make a home-made video for them, this was the track they chose. i listened to it, and loved it and immediately knew how i wanted to approach it. hope you all enjoy the song and the accompanying film! - Ryan Klauk Waiting Around to Die


Phosphorus Man - iTunes - bandcamp

Devotee Bees (new single) - bandcamp

Shotgun (new single) - bandcamp

Sidetracked - Arbitrary Sonic Inklings - bandcamp

God Has A Cadillac Too (first release) - iTunes - bandcamp


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  • Maheekats Played On Sound Awake Radio Show @SoundAwakeRadio / cool...

    Intelligent Freeform Pop, from the deepest oldies to the choicest indie, including your modern rock and dance favorites from the 80s and surrounding eras.

  • New Single Release - Shotgun / available only on bandcamp

    We wrote this song about war years ago. We thought we'd put it down because we're sick of war.

  • Our Newest Album / Sidetracked - Arbitrary Sonic Inklings

    Our newest album is a collection of obscure ideas. Many of the songs dive into different genres. It's like we decided to take the scenic route.